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Marcos Rojas

President & Recovery Lead

"As president, I want to be an example for our members by being involved in the project as much as I can and making sure we have the resources necessary to have a successful year." 

- Marcos Rojas, Junior (BSME) at UTRGV

Abigail Gomez


"Being part of this organization has greatly impacted my view of the engineering industry. As the public relations officer, I'll ensure that the public is aware of our accomplishments and community service."

- Abigail Gomez, Senior (BSCE) at UTRGV

Josiah Villareal


"As secretary and lead, I'll make sure to always work hard and efficiently. I'm confident that this year will be a great year for the organization."

- Josiah Villareal, Senior (BSME) at UTRGV

Alexandra Alaniz

Senior Leader

"I've never felt more confident about our team. I'm overwhelmed to see The Rocket Launchers organization grow as it is. I'm excited for what this upcoming year has in store for us."

- Alexandra Alaniz, Senior (BSME) at UTRGV

Abraham Martinez

Senior Leader

"I want to be able to share my experience with our members and prepare them to work professionally. I'm up for new challenges individually and as a team."

- Abraham Martinez, Senior (BSME) at UTRGV

Omar Elizondo

Team Captain/Airframe & Computations Lead

Ryan Luna

Payload Lead

"This organization has helped me push myself towards a future I've always wanted but never had the courage pursue. As payload lead I will ensure that this becomes the first of many projects that will guide the future of the organization and future collaboration with the science department."

- Ryan Luna, Junior (BSCE) at UTRGV

Luis Gutierrez

Active Member

“Being a member of the organization has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and obtain great opportunities and experience that have directly influenced my career that I would have never gotten otherwise”

- Luis Gutierrez, Junior (BSCS) at UTRGV

Carlos Cantu

Recovery Team

Franher Cantu

Airframe & Computations Team

Nick Molina

Payload Team

Dexter Navejar

Recovery Team

Lucio Ortiz

Landing System Lead



Julio Trevino

Airframe & Computations Team

Roy Marroquin

Telemetry Lead

"Being a lead always brings a lot of responsibility. But regardless of how hard it is, I'm thankful I get to be part of this group full of amazing people. I know that the best is yet to come."

- Roy Marroquin, Senior (BSCE) at UTRGV

Ivonne Lopez

Active Member

“ This organization has allowed me to further develop my knowledge in an area that is hard to get into, I'm so happy to work with people that share the same interest as mine, helping each other and doing what we like."

Ivonne Lopez, Junior (BSME) at UTRGV

William Hernandez

Active Member

"I've always wanted to be part of a group were I put my hands to work using everything I've learned. Everyday there are new challenges but I'm always willing to give the best out me so I can help this organization grow along with me."

- William Hernandez, Junior (BSCS) at UTRGV

Joseph Gutierrez

Active Member

"Being surrounded by hard-working and very smart people helps me grow in a way I never imagined. I'm glad I get to be part of this team."

- Joseph Gutierrez, Sophomore (BSME) at UTRGV

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