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In our first year we discovered our capabilities and successfully completed our rocket, "Spacebound". We experienced the thrill of accomplishing a goal as a team.


Due to our organization having no funding, nor being a multidisciplinary engineering organization, we didn't create a payload. Consisting of only mechanical engineers, we created a cylindrical structure filled with metal in order to meet the weight requirement for competition.

IREC 2016


Spacebound placed as follows:

  • 7th place internationally

  • 2nd place in the U.S (10,000 ft. category)

We thank every member that made our rocket successful. If it wasn't for our courageous 2016 Team, we wouldn't be where we are today.

"Out of Pocket Rocket"

Being the only school at competition without any monetary sponsors, the judges at IREC 2016 gave us the nickname "Out of Pocket Rocket". Spacebound was made possible through donations of our very own members.

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